Quick DIY Fireman Costume

I made this simple and fun Fireman costume for my son’s “When I grow up” performance at school. Its real easy and quick, takes less than 10 minutes.


He already had a plain black pant and jacket. All I did was, bought a roll of yellow Cloth Tape or Duck Tape and got started. Here is the procedure:

  • Lay down the jacket and carefully paste a tape strip at the bottom end next to the zip, go around and finish off at the other end of the zip.
  • Repeat the same at the chest level.
  • Next for the sleeves, paste 2 strips one close to the cuffs and the other at the top almost adjacent to the chest strip. For the top strip, you may have to cut two separate strips, one for the front part and other for the back, as the sleeve is not straight but tapers down.
  • For the pant, paste the strips just below the knee level


Your Fireman costume is ready!! You could also add emblems and badges if you like. A red helmet and maybe a toy extinguisher would complete the costume. My child was super happy and rushed away to school with a loud siren all the way 🙂



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