Wall Art using Printable Coloring Pages

Hearts Wall Art with Coloring Pages

Valentines Day is round the corner and here are some lovely printable coloring pages to set in the mood.

Printable Valentines Theme Coloring Pages

I have bundled eight Valentines Day themed coloring pages, and they are on SALE right now! You can grab your copy ⇓

Valentines Day Coloring Sheets

Once you have them printed out, you can of course color them, and then frame the one you love to add to the beauty of your home.

Wall Art using Coloring Sheets


Framed Heart Coloring Sheet

Printing Tips:

You can print them on regular office paper, card stock or photo paper of your choice. I do recommend printing on matte photo paper for a neat, crisp, lasting print. However, do check the maximum paper thickness your home printer can handle. You could also opt to have your local professional printer do it for you. Or send it to the online printer services where you can get it printed by uploading a PDF file.



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