Watercolor Galaxy

Watercolor Galaxy with Tombow Brush Pens

I have always been a passionate Acrylic painter. I love splashing bright and vibrant colors and creating beautiful abstracts. Recently when I was scanning through Art Friend for some of my art supply, I came across this watercolor set that was on sale almost at throwaway price. Even though I have been tremendously inspired by few local watercolor artists here is Singapore, I never was quite a watercolor person myself. But when I saw this sale item, it kind of instigated my “try something new” spirits… and guess what?

You are right! I bought it! And there on, started my journey with watercolors.

Experimenting with them was super interesting but the colors were slightly dull and de-saturated when dried. It was cheap paint after all. Eventually, my hubby was ordering something on Amazon and Tombow Dual Brush pens at $12 caught my eyes!! I immediately ordered it. Within a couple of weeks they arrived and I was on top of the world. I hardly used them for brush lettering (although I intend to start practicing soon). The colors are brilliant and the results are vibrant and exciting. If you’ve seen my previous post, those Free Desktop Wallpapers were made with Tombow dual brush pens.

My experiments knew no boundary and it took off like a rocket. That’s when I bought some better quality watercolors and watercolor paper. I will eventually share all my projects here. But for now, here are two galaxy cards I made recently.




I’m not sure if I am totally satisfied.. I know people have made some really awesome galaxies out there.. But no worries, I’ll get there soon. What do you guys think?



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