Watercolor Backgrounds with Tombow Brush Pens

Hey there!
All you creative people!

Here I am, writing my very first blog post. Yayy! I’m excited to connect with you all! I’m here to share my ideas, creativity and inspire some of you if possible, and definitely be inspired by you, along the way!

I have been planning on writing a blog for a while now. But each time, it kinda seemed like the time wasn’t right, or I did not have enough time for it. Then I stopped to think about what mattered most to me, and what I would like to accomplish this New Year. I realized, that apart from my lovely family, the only thing that makes me really really happy is to create new and colorful things. And creativity, is all about inspiration and spreading the joy. Blogging I believe is a great way to stay connected and surrounded by inspiration.

So, here’s to the new beginning! Spreading happy and positive vibes, are three motivational, vibrant, high-res desktop wallpapers, for you to download, for FREE!!

Click on the images below to download them




I used Tombow dual brush pens to create these lovely watercolor backgrounds. I’m absolutely in love with them! Hope you like them too. Do leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Please note that the free printables are for personal use only!

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay tuned for loads of creative mess!

Happy Creating!





  1. Welcome to the Blogging world!
    Those wallpapers are nicely designed – your blog posts are very colourful and interesting!
    Wish you all the best for this blogging journey!

    Liked by 1 person

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